Importance of content for branding

“Is Content Marketing important for my business?” 

Many have this doubt in their minds and the answer to this question is YES. Content marketing a term used as a buzzword nowadays is actually very important and has a significant role in branding and marketing. Before we dig into content marketing, let’s understand what exactly is Content and why there’s the hype about content writing everywhere.

Content is king, this statement is agreeable and content is the base that generates awareness and leads to sales for any company. Content can be considered as a mode of communication in an effective and crisp way. For instant you have a startup and you have everything in your mind, your company goals, mission, vision, etc, but how are you communicating all these to the audience is a challenging task. Of course, verbal skills are the main heroes but what content you use to represent your company is way more crucial.

Content Writing- A game of words for creative communication

Content is not limited to one form, it has diverse forms and can be translated to various platforms both online and offline. Consider content as a creative way of communication used for marketing. To write down words is not enough for branding and marketing, here a content strategy is required for channelizing the words into content that reflects the brand value and helps in targeting the audience and hence generating leads.

To build a relationship with your audience, you have to have content that resonates with the problem the audience is facing and show them the solutions the company can offer for that. Content writing is an effective way of gaining the trust of your audience. Content is a catalyst for marketing campaigns and brands invest extra efforts for the same. 

How does Content helps in Marketing/Branding

  • Content for brand awareness

Creating awareness of your brand doesn’t happen overnight and it’s a long and consistent process. When it comes to brands, people need to get habituated to your brand for building a great relationship with the brand. For this, it’s necessary the audience are aware of the brand, and the better the communication the clearer the motto of the brand.

This is where content comes into the picture, content writing helps in disseminating information about the product or services on various digital platforms of the business/company. Effective content writing strategy helps in marketing and promoting the services and leads to better brand recognition. Using content the important features of the brand could be showcased in creative ways in the form of social media posts, blogs, etc.

For instance, you own a sustainable fashion brand and you want to market the new naturally dyed shirts collection. But you know there are many competitors and good quality content and a marketing strategy will help you in standing out and depicting the uniqueness of the product.

  • Collaboration and backlinking with other websites

Gone are the days when there was only competition between brands, now competition and collaboration coexist, and sharing content and giving shout-outs on social media is a new game-changer in marketing. How does this relate to content writing? One might ask. But the answer is it’s all related.

When you write unique, crisp, and detailed content about your product or service, digital marketers tend to mention your website or blogs on their websites or social media handles. This is backlinking and helps in ranking your website. More details about backlinking will be shared in our SEO blog series.

  • Building trust with the audience

Why should people trust your brand? Will it genuinely solve their problem? Will the product/service fulfill their demand? These are a few common questions to keep in mind when planning a branding strategy. Well, building trust with the targeted audience is the primary long-term objective and to achieve this fueling them with clear and understandable content is the first step. Customers have become very smart, thanks to the internet, and expect authenticity be it a product or service.

Content writing is an amalgamation of communication and creativity, if used properly creates magic in this competitive world and helps brands stand out and generate leads. We at ScalingUpWork believe in genuine and authentic content creation and do our best to provide quality content that will help you drive traffic and generate leads.

Stay tuned, more insights will be shared in our next blog!

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